LA Bruket 145 Shaving Cream Laurel Leaf 200ml


LA Bruket 145 Shaving Cream is an easy-to-apply shaving cream that softens facial hairs making it easier for the blade to glide evenly and deliver a clean shave.

Vegetable glycerin lubricates skin reducing friction and irritation. Organic essential oils from laurel leaves provide cleansing and bacteriostatic properties. Organic shea butter protects, and moisturizes, while also delivering a calming and healing effect.

Size: 200ml

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Οδηγίες Χρήσης

First of all, make sure your blade is sharp! Apply the shaving cream on warm and wet skin and shave in your hair growth direction. You will experience this shaving cream that has no lather but rather a transparent feel, and this is to enable a precision shave.

If you shave instead with a razor knife, you can use LA Bruket 147 Beard Oil as a shave oil by massaging a few drops on the skin before applying the shaving cream for a close shave.

Finish with LA Bruket 146 After Shave Balm that will soothe and cool moisturize and protect your skin.

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