Muhle Shaving Set Silvertip Badger Brush With Safety Razor Limited Edition


Muhle creates this Hexagon set in Germany using the finest materials to ensure a quality shave every single time. The Hexagon series designed by the Berlin-based designer Mr. Mark Braun stands for contemporary design. It’s packaged in an elegant presentation box ideal for gifting.

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Three-Pieces Shaving Set.

  • Shaving brush with silvertip badger.
  • Safety razor.
  • Stand made of chrome-plated metal.


Hexagon shaving brush

The Hexagon brush sits perfectly in any hand, regardless of whether it is slightly larger or smaller or more elegant. This is due to its hexagonal form; a semiotic which evokes a classic tool, or simply put, a good pencil.

The Brushhead | Silvertip Badger

Among connoisseurs, silvertip badger is considered the best brush. Only the best, carefully selected badger hair is used for these purely handcrafted shaving brushes. This precious natural material is particularly soft and flexible. The fine, conically tapering hairs possess the ability to retain a large amount of water and produce a dense, creamy lather. The semi-circular shape of the brush head is created by hand when binding the brush. The fine tips, therefore, do not require trimming and the natural softness of the hair is retained. The brush heads are manufactured from the finest quality and are easily interchangeable via the fine integrated screw-thread.

Hexagon safety razor

Ergonomic and casually elegant, like a good pen, the Hexagon safety razors are outstanding contemporary shaving implements. Elaborately chrome-plated components, a material for which the company is known worldwide.

The Razor | Classic razor blade

For generations, the safety razor has been regarded as a stylish classic which can even shave edges with precision. For many, it is razor par excellence. Even if the open blade does demand a little respect at first, after a brief familiarity, and guided by a steady hand, it produces a very close shave and a lasting result. Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move. The blades are replaced by unscrewing the cap.

Παραδόσεις | Επιστροφές

  • Δυνατότητα άμεσης παραλαβής από το κατάστημα.
  • Δωρεάν έξοδα αποστολής.
  • Dispatching προϊόντος εντός 1 εργάσιμης ημέρας.
  • Χρόνος παράδοσης: 1-5 εργάσιμες ημέρες.
  • Λόγω της φύσης του προϊόντος δε γίνεται δεκτή η αλλαγή ή η επιστροφή του.