Ortiz White Tuna with Espelette Peppers 220gOrtiz White Tuna with Espelette Peppers 220g

Ortiz White Tuna with Espelette Peppers 220g


Bonito del Norte is Spain’s celebrated white tuna. Ortiz adds a pinch of mild Espelette pepper to this flavorful, yet delicate and mild tuna. Serve with bread and piquillo peppers, flaked onto a salad, or added to your favorite recipe.

Bonito del Norte tuna is line-caught by hand, preserving the texture of the fish. This breed of Bonito del Norte tuna is a small, plump tuna that travels to the cool seas north of Spain to feast on anchovies. It is mild and flaky with a silky texture, truly a different level of quality from other tunas.

Espelette peppers originated in the Basque Country and are used on both sides of the French-Spanish border to flavor seafood and traditional foods. Recently it has gained popularity across the world. This dried red pepper is very mild and has a slightly sweet flavor.

Ortiz is a family-owned company in the coastal village of Ondorroa in the Basque Country. Since 1920, they produce top-quality preserved seafood, all packed by hand in their facilities.

Suitable for gluten-free diets.
Size: 220g. | 7.76oz.

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The iconic Conservas Ortiz is committed to traditional and sustainable fishing for over a century, making Ortiz, not your average tin. Handmade and hand-packed, Ortiz will bring exceptional flavor and texture to your table. Each product is a handmade delicacy, fresh from the sea with a deep-rooted history that dates back to an era when the flavor was king.
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